Patchworks EP

by Kerry Logan

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The countdown begins!

The catalyst for the big run of recording projects that I have undertaken over the last five or so years has been trying to record everything I have ever written so that I can start writing again. That, some five years ago, was a daunting prospect with only something like 40 of my 180-odd songs being recorded in some form, but now I am just three albums away from knocking the bugger off.

This album, or semi-EP rather, is the last collection of songs that aren't part of the big final three albums, those next ones being made up of my super songs (not trying to build them up, or anything), and this is the rest of them all squeezed out into one collection: the aptly named "Patchworks". Spanning a wide era of my music with songs grabbed from almost everywhere, Patchworks is a collection of some finished songs and an array of demos that don't quite measure up to getting a legit version, but still need some form of representation. The EP can be dividing then into four - the first two tracks which were almost written together, Kyrgyzstan - one of the best songs I've ever written - the Jenna-Natalie four which were all written for my daughters, and the nine demos, which are exactly what they are.

It's taken an extraordinarily long time to get this patchwork album together, in which I moved province, started a new job, bought a new car, and moved into a new house in the middle of, but we're finally here. This not only marks the release of this last collection of randomness, but the start of my trying to record the next album: The Ocean of Dreams. Not that I'm excited about that album at all.


released August 9, 2017

Kerry Logan: guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, piano, lead kazoo, programming, jingling keys, and vocals. Bobby Logan: drums. Richard Allen: lead guitar on The Way The World. Mary Horner: keys on The Way The World. Neil Hearn: Bass on Kyrgyzstan. Fiona Hearn: violin on Kyrgyzstan. Jenna Logan: cute noises on Hello Eyes.

All songs written, produced, engineered, and mixed by Kerry Logan, except From Kyrgyzstan With Love written Kerry Logan, Geoff Logan, and Bobby Logan, JENNAT written by Kerry Logan and Jo Logan, and Family Style, written by Kerry Logan, Brendan McCarten, and Bobby Logan.

Recorded at Noiseworks, SBC, Poto Road, OHS, and Churton Cres, mostly from January-August 2017.

Bring on Ocean of Dreams!



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Track Name: The Way The World
To high above me
But, only ‘cos I was low at the start
My dreams never put you far out of my reach
I was told about you
After they did, I was never the same
For now I had a yardstick to measure the rest of the world…

The way the world began – it was alright
Do you think that the fact you started the count
Should be marred by the fact that we never went out
From a distance, its clear that it was alright

An arranged marriage
It wouldn’t last – we never spoke
Though you denied it, it served its need
I remember floating
Falling back and looking up to space
Yes, they were fantastic times in deed

The way the world began – it was alright
Should I thank you if it was our friends who duped us into all of it?
From a distance, its clear that it was alright

It was a shame
The reason for our untimely demise
They didn’t like me or so I believe
If I remember
You were looking down on me from above
That beaming grin matched mine to a tee

The way the world began – it was alright
I met up with you much, much later – it seemed that it had all just faded
From a distance, its clear that it was alright
Track Name: She Said Something
She seemed a jewel out of a crown – I couldn’t miss her
She said that I could stick around and be with her
She loved the neighbours and the sound of their singing compliment
I would cover so much ground just to be with her

She said I liked her sister’s round more than her
She was abrasive in abound – I wouldn’t beat her
She said, ‘are you chicken?’ aloud – I wasn’t full of confidence
I am amazed I hung around…

She said, ‘its been here all the time – how could I miss it?’
She offered to hit my weaker self – I never took it
I say I’ve had a real good time, but now its over
Track Name: From Kyrgyzstan With Love
Let me tell the long story
Of faded rock and glory
Of midday men who sought to take over the world

Instead of twice the magic
Come six men clothed in tragic
Who thought that they’d be the next big thing unfurled

So where are the A&R men galore?
We’re in the same farm shed we were in before
How do you bring what’s not been brought forth before?
Why wait for an option?
Just do it by yourself

A failed battle contestant
Sound nasal decongestant
There’s so much vitriol, one hand choke regain

Handing out gigs like Christmas
Megadeth t-shirt witness
Playing to three people who’d much rather game

We would be here all day if we waited for you
How much would you strip out to package us to?
We take all our loved ones and jam sheds, we do
Our noise and our laptop
Just do it by yourself

But please!
If there’s a chance that you’d sign us…
We promise we won’t counterstrike our way famous!
We’ll try stick to four-beats and four-chord arrangements!
For you…!
Track Name: Hello Eyes, Hello World
Hello eyes, hello world
Welcome to life
You are the little girl that I’ve always wanted
I’ve known your name for so, so long
First times, first moments
Welcome to life
Track Name: In the Middle
You learned to say another word today
If it carries on this way, we’ll know what you’re trying to say
But, it’s not bad, from before you learned to stand,
And now dancing to the band, we know how much fun you have!
The surprise you know more than just a little
So much fun being caught up in the middle

You got a smile that will always be in style
When you wear it on your dial, your ma and I do smile
How could I see just how much fun this would be?
When I have you on my knee, I’m as happy as could be!
An age since we got you back from hospital
So much fun being caught up in the middle

You’ll rise up as the answer to the riddle
So much fun being caught up in the middle
Track Name: JENNAT (I'll Still Love You)
Life can be good, it can be cruel
It all depends on what you do
Just like your dreams, you are in control
To write your own ending, it's your goal

Whatever happens along the way
If things get too much then just say
You can come to us with anything
Anything at all

Even if you run into your room
Even if you slam the door into
Even if your world, it falls in two
I’ll still love you

Even if you find it hard to talk
Even if you feel you disappoint
Even when you’re made to clean up toys…
I’ll still love you

You can do anything at all
In all things try to stand tall
You are smart and beautiful
You are loved just as you are

You can’t ever be too far away
We are with you every step of the way
Remember God above in everything
Anything at all
Track Name: Swing
Little girl swinging away on a swing
You could be the cutest girl ever been!
Did you know that the God above, well He introduced me to you?
From before you were born, you were loved
Track Name: ASL [Demo]
(Whisper me…)
All of this typing never soothes a restless heart
Looking for a moment – I’m doomed from the start
Trapped in a world without walls, filled with whole rooms instead
The anonymity calls the demons from my head…

The research is killing me – I’ve seen another side
In the blur of information, I can do whatever I like!
Of what should never be, negated by this net
Watch me fly and get caught and struggle in your world wide web!

I can log in under any name I want
I can personalise any personality
I’m a 13-year old – looking for love – or a 40-year-old getting on the computer screen

Like a magnet for the cyber-depraved
“Do any Hot Chicks want a Hot Guy like me?”
Just sit down a while – while I preach to you – the gospel of the world according to me

“How is it wrong to hear the voice?
I will decide what is wrong or what is right!”
Watch out or you’ll be disconnected…
From the Server

Take the child, with a knife he wants to play
Though he wants to – we refuse him anyway
Just ‘cos it feels good, it doesn’t make it right!
No analogy is ever perfect…

I am infected
Not self-respected
Can’t face reflection
The main objective
That’s been invented
Has been presented
Now all infected…

To get connected!
To be accepted!
These things presented!
For me intended!
Was disconnected!
Now represented!
And when I’m mended!
My time amended!
Track Name: Why Don't You Smile? [Demo]
“Boy, you gotta be a fool to show an eye for me
Don’t lie, just don’t deny it – I caught you
Looking up there from your work to gaze a while at me
When I looked back I sprung the trap – what do
You see there with your vision that makes you target me?
These words are heard a thousand times
She never said a single line

Why don’t you smile?
Why don’t you smile? Or try to smile?
Or make a happy face? Or something that resembles a smile?
Or are you such a “realist” that the negative seems so positive?

Man, I gotta know your plan – how can this mood just be?
A ‘downward glance’ or ‘another chance’ for you?
You’re so not the ‘worst person’ as you would claim to be
This fallacy or sympathy won’t do
I’d say you’re near the greatest one I’ve ever known to be
Don’t tell me that I’m truly blind
You are the best – my vision’s fine
Track Name: My Name Is [Demo]
Hi, my name is John. I’m going to be your guide on this prophetic song
I am with the King, just like you, and they do persecute me to
Because I spoke of God they put me away on this island prison to stay
But that did not stop the Spirit from me – from behind, a voice, I turn to see

He said “your name is John. Write this message down so that your friends can come along”
I spun to see who talked to me, He looked as human as He could be
Wearing a robe that reached His feet, a gold band that circled Him complete
His hair was white, just like the snow, His eyes like fire, they blazed out so

His voice sounded like a waterfall
His face shone like the midday sun
I fell down like a dead man
He lifted me up, said “I am the one – be not afraid”

“Write down what you see
This will happen with and after Me
Here is the secret of the Seven Stars
Write to the angels – this will come to pass”
Track Name: We Are The Ones [Demo]
We are the ones
Who walk tall and proud beneath the sun
Indifference is done
All of our hate and prejudice we must shun
The future of all is depending on us
That we may be victorious
We are the ones

We are the ones who must kill off all this hate
We’ve used it to kill it each other – let’s stop before it’s too late
We’re all born the same, awakened in the womb
Walk the path of peace, not run the road to doom

You are the ones – be proud of who you are
Be sure of your important place underneath the stars
That privilege demands you honour others too
Remember most of all they’re as human as you

We’re all the same, just different families
If you tickle us, will we laugh? If you prick us, won’t we bleed?
If we destroy our hopes with conflict unleashed
Who then will be victorious?

We are the ones
We must put aside our arguments
Let the fear be done
We must work towards a richer future
The hopes of all are depending on us
We must stand victorious
We are the ones
Track Name: The Death Scene [Demo]
Hold me
Hold me again
I feel I would die
Without you

Fading away
You are the only light
Surround me

Take this dreadful thing
Throw it into the fires of hell
Track Name: Family Style [Demo]
All the things I’ve wanted to be
I guess it runs in the family
Without it how could I breathe?
I guess I owe it to the family
Well, I may lapse now and then
But I’ll never forget

For all the things you’ve given to me
For giving meaning to the family
Without you how could I ever breathe?
I know I owe it to the family
Well, I may lapse now and then
But, I’ll never forget

Go on!
Track Name: Longest Word (Alt.) [Demo]
How could I know when I first saw you that you’d capture me?
The way you sat there and stared and out of the blue you smiled at me
Buried in fear I let you slide away to change your state
I asked of you if we could be, but I was just too late

I take a breath and let you go
But I’ll always love you so
(You look to me – how do I know?)
I hope you smile at me…

In a moment of truth we let all our knowledge flood away
At last the secret tale was told to set the story straight
Both breathless we were not prepared to hear us say
Both red at the cheeks and somewhat surprised, it changed our day

Now I might laugh or I might cry – I don’t know what to feel
To think I have spent my time afraid of what was real
But having you there to hold me in spite of what was said
Shatters all the pain and now I’m glad you are my friend