From Kyrgyzstan With Love

from by Kerry Logan

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In 1998 I started experimenting with songwriting on piano, which gave me some fascinating results. I did not know any patterns, unfamiliar as I was with the instrument, and ended up hearing where the song wanted to go in a more honest fashion. I did not, at the time, produce any final ideas, but found I had plenty of intriguing snippets to think about with any future projects.

Fast forward to 2016 and it became time to piece of them together. A number of riffs and chord sequences had always leapt out far more than others and they seemed to all fit a sort of eastern European theme. When the time came to consider this album, I purposely grabbed these seemingly unconnected riffs and glued them together is several different ways until they stuck. That first mashing together became the core of this song. As I started to consider its musicality, I wanted the lyrics to be about our very own RockLords, something to express our meandering journey through the musical wilderness we chose to traipse through. The song was finally birthed after an extraordinarily long labour.

I'm completely rapt with the finished version, so much so that I wonder if its my best (it's my Bohemian Rhapsody, at any rate), but the thing I'm most proud of is that the guitar solo, chords and solo itself was actually written by my father who passed away in 1995. When I was first learning to play guitar, he would play this solo to me in quite comic fashion (as dads tend to do), and I've 'adapted' it for this song. With Bob adding a huge chunk of the feel of the song after a blistering drum track, this song is ultimately a product of not one, or two, but three Logans. Can't think of a better way to write a song.


Let me tell the long story
Of faded rock and glory
Of midday men who sought to take over the world

Instead of twice the magic
Come six men clothed in tragic
Who thought that they’d be the next big thing unfurled

So where are the A&R men galore?
We’re in the same farm shed we were in before
How do you bring what’s not been brought forth before?
Why wait for an option?
Just do it by yourself

A failed battle contestant
Sound nasal decongestant
There’s so much vitriol, one hand choke regain

Handing out gigs like Christmas
Megadeth t-shirt witness
Playing to three people who’d much rather game

We would be here all day if we waited for you
How much would you strip out to package us to?
We take all our loved ones and jam sheds, we do
Our noise and our laptop
Just do it by yourself

But please!
If there’s a chance that you’d sign us…
We promise we won’t counterstrike our way famous!
We’ll try stick to four-beats and four-chord arrangements!
For you…!


from Patchworks EP, released August 9, 2017
Guitar, acoustic, piano, and vocals: Kerry Logan, drums: Bobby Logan, bass: Neil Hearn, violin: Fiona Hearn.

Written by Kerry Logan, Geoff Logan, and Bobby Logan. Produced, engineered and mixed by Kerry Logan. Drums recorded at NoiseWorks, Hawera, in January 2017. Recorded at SBC, Poto Road and Lincon Ave. February-August 2017 using a TASCAM digital recorder, and mixed in August 2017.



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