The Way The World

from by Kerry Logan

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In the rush of writing and completing unfinished tracks that was 2000-2001, I took the space to do a lot of reflection about relationships from the past, friends and otherwise, and this ode to those first few years of forming more complex relationships grew out of that time.

It was a very early attempt of mine to work in a 7-beat and it ultimately floated in and out of it. The chords, however, were initially rather vague and it took some time for them to coalesce into what they ended up being. My good friend Richie added the tail solo (which I just couldn't get) and my new work colleague Mary added some tasteful keys.

The song is a pseudo-part one to She Said Something.


To high above me
But, only ‘cos I was low at the start
My dreams never put you far out of my reach
I was told about you
After they did, I was never the same
For now I had a yardstick to measure the rest of the world…

The way the world began – it was alright
Do you think that the fact you started the count
Should be marred by the fact that we never went out
From a distance, its clear that it was alright

An arranged marriage
It wouldn’t last – we never spoke
Though you denied it, it served its need
I remember floating
Falling back and looking up to space
Yes, they were fantastic times in deed

The way the world began – it was alright
Should I thank you if it was our friends who duped us into all of it?
From a distance, its clear that it was alright

It was a shame
The reason for our untimely demise
They didn’t like me or so I believe
If I remember
You were looking down on me from above
That beaming grin matched mine to a tee

The way the world began – it was alright
I met up with you much, much later – it seemed that it had all just faded
From a distance, its clear that it was alright


from Patchworks EP, released August 9, 2017
Guitar, acoustic, bass, and vocals: Kerry Logan, drums: Bobby Logan, guitar solo at the end: Richard Allen, keyboard: Mary Horner.

Written, produced, engineered and mixed by Kerry Logan. Drums recorded at NoiseWorks, Hawera, in January 2017. Recorded at SBC and Poto Road February-August 2017 using a TASCAM digital recorder, and mixed in August 2017.



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